Geoff A Howard





"Japanese Moments" is based on an exhibition held at Smith's Gallery in Covent Garden, London. The images in the book are from my first three trips to Japan, spending almost five months, and traveling through most of the country, between 1984 and 1990.

Barmaid at The Warrior
Dancer at The Lord Wellington
Brunel Road
Greenland Passge
Dock view

The show was reviewed in the journal of the British Association of Picture Libraries with the introduction "Geoff Howard is an uncompromising photojournalist, with a highly personal view - though his view tends more towards the whimsical than aggressive social realism. This is for people who want to know about the real Japan." Some of the pictures were also published as a portfolio in the Japanese magazine "Nippon Camera".

Japanese Moments, photographs by Geoff Howard
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